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892041MMC40148-stage static shift register with synchronous parallel or serial input/serial outputMicroelectronica
892042MMC4015Dual 4-stage static shift register with serial input/parallel outputMicroelectronica
892043MMC4016Quad bilateral switchMicroelectronica
892044MMC40160Synchronous decade counter/asynchronous clearMicroelectronica
892045MMC40161Synchronous binary counter/asynchronous clearMicroelectronica
892046MMC40162Synchronous decade counter/synchronous clearMicroelectronica
892047MMC40163Synchronous binary counter/synchronous clearMicroelectronica
892048MMC4017Decade counter with decoded outputsMicroelectronica
892049MMC4018Presettable divide-by-"N"-counter, fixed or programmableMicroelectronica
892050MMC401814-bit arithmetic logic unitMicroelectronica
892051MMC4019Quad AND/OR select gateMicroelectronica
892052MMC40192Synchronous presettable 4-bit BCD up/down counterMicroelectronica
892053MMC40193Synchronous presettable 4-bit binary up/down counterMicroelectronica
892054MMC402014-stage binary/ripple counterMicroelectronica
892055MMC40218-stage static shift register with asynchronous parallel input or synchronous serial input/serial outputMicroelectronica
892056MMC4022Synchronous divide-by-8 counter/divider with 8 decimal outputsMicroelectronica
892057MMC4023Triple 3-input NAND gateMicroelectronica
892058MMC40247-stage binary/ripple counterMicroelectronica
892059MMC40243Quad 3-state bus transceiverMicroelectronica
892060MMC4025Triple 3-input NOR gateMicroelectronica
892061MMC4027Dual "J-K" master-slave flip-flops with set/reset capabilityMicroelectronica
892062MMC4028BCD-to-decimal decoderMicroelectronica
892063MMC4029Synchronous presettable Up/Down counter, binary or BCD-decadeMicroelectronica
892064MMC4030Quad exclusive OR gateMicroelectronica
892065MMC403164-stage static shift registerMicroelectronica
892066MMC40354-stage static shift register parallel-in/parallel-out with "J-K" input and true/compl. outputsMicroelectronica
892067MMC404012-stage binary/ripple counterMicroelectronica
892068MMC4041Quad true/complement bufferMicroelectronica
892069MMC4042Quad clocked "D" latchMicroelectronica
892070MMC4043Quad NOR R/S (3-state outputs) latchMicroelectronica
892071MMC4044Quad NAND R/S (3-state outputs) latchMicroelectronica
892072MMC4046Micropower phase locked loopMicroelectronica
892073MMC4047Monostable/astable multivibratorMicroelectronica
892074MMC4048Multifunction expandable 8-input gate (3-state out)Microelectronica
892075MMC4049Hex buffer / converter (inverting)Microelectronica
892076MMC4050Hex buffer / converter (non-inverting)Microelectronica
892077MMC4051Single 8-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexerMicroelectronica
892078MMC4052Differential 4-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexerMicroelectronica
892079MMC4053Triple 2-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexerMicroelectronica
892080MMC40544-segment LCD display driverMicroelectronica
Datasheet-uri gasite :: 1351360Pagina: << | 22297 | 22298 | 22299 | 22300 | 22301 | 22302 | 22303 | 22304 | 22305 | 22306 | 22307 | >>
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