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1008521PSB2196-HV1.4ISAC-P TE (Subscriber Access Controll...Infineon
1008522PSB2196-NV1.4ISAC-P TE (Subscriber Access Controll...Infineon
1008523PSB2197-TV1.1Smartlink-P (Subscriber Access Contro...Infineon
1008524PSB243-7IR3...8 A Switching RegulatorsPower-One
1008525PSB243-7IR3...8 A Switching RegulatorsPower-One
1008526PSB245-7IR3...8 A Switching RegulatorsPower-One
1008527PSB245-7IR3...8 A Switching RegulatorsPower-One
1008528PSB246-23...8 A Switching RegulatorsPower-One
1008529PSB4450-RV1.2ANIC-A (Analog Network Interface Circ...Infineon
1008530PSB4451-RV1.2ANIC-D (Analog Network Interface Circ...Infineon
1008531PSB4500(PSB4501) Standard Speech CircuitSiemens
1008532PSB4595Analog Line Interface Solution ALISSiemens
1008533PSB4595-RV2.1ALIS-A (Analog Line Interface Solutio...Infineon
1008534PSB4595-RV3.1ALIS-A (Analog Line Interface Solutio...Infineon
1008535PSB4596Analog Line Interface Solution ALISSiemens
1008536PSB4596-RV3.1ALIS-D (Analog Line Interface Solutio...Infineon
1008537PSB4596-SV2.1ALIS-D (Analog Line Interface Solutio...Infineon
1008538PSB4600-FV1.2PITA (PCI Interface for Telephony/Dat...Infineon
1008539PSB4610-FV2.2PITA-2 (PCI Interface for Telephony/D...Infineon
1008540PSB483-7IR3...8 A Switching RegulatorsPower-One
1008541PSB483-7IR3...8 A Switching RegulatorsPower-One
1008542PSB4851TSpeech Terminals - Analog Front End for Sophisticated Answering Machine (SAM AFE)Infineon
1008543PSB4860Digital Answering Machine with Full Duplex Speakerphone SAM ECSiemens
1008544PSB4860-HV4.1SAM-EC (Sophisticated Answering Machi...Infineon
1008545PSB4860H(V4.1)Speech Terminals - Sophisticated Answering Machine (SAM) with Echo CancellationInfineon
1008546PSB50510Single Chip ADSL 2 /2 + CPE SolutionInfineon
1008547PSB5A4-7IR3...8 A Switching RegulatorsPower-One
1008548PSB5A6-7IR3...8 A Switching RegulatorsPower-One
1008549PSB5A6-7IR3...8 A Switching RegulatorsPower-One
1008550PSB5A7-7IR3...8 A Switching RegulatorsPower-One
1008551PSB5A7-7IR3...8 A Switching RegulatorsPower-One
1008552PSB5A8-23...8 A Switching RegulatorsPower-One
1008553PSB7110Enhanced ISDN Data Access Controller ISARSiemens
1008554PSB7110-FV1.0ISAR (Enhanced ISDN Data Access Contr...Infineon
1008555PSB7110FConsolidată ISDN acces la date controlor ISARSiemens
1008556PSB7115Enhanced ISDN Data Access Controller ISAR 34Siemens
1008557PSB7115-FV2.1ISAR 34 (Enhanced ISDN Data Access Co...Infineon
1008558PSB7115FV2.1Enhanced ISDN Data Access Controller ISAR 34Siemens
1008559PSB7230Joint Audio Decoder-Encoder for Analog Videophone JADE ANSiemens
1008560PSB7230-FV2.1JADE AN (Joint Audio Decoder Encoder ...Infineon
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